The Caribbean Crime Prevention International, with ties in Barbados and the United Kingdom, is a leading independent  specialist in crime and security research and consultancy. We help organisations to manage and reduce the levels of crime and fear of crime that they or their customers suffer. 





       Crime Solutions


With over 20 years experience both working with the public and private sector we provide solutions for anti-social behaviour, community safety, crime prevention and security.

For example:



  • Crime prevention solutions by designing and managing out crime.
  • Research, Benchmarking and Evaluation leading to better understanding, measurement and improved performance.
  • Advice and guidance in the areas of radical and extremists threats and counter terrorism
  • Setting up and managing Community Safety Accreditation Schemes 
  • Tailored training packages to maximise client capability to deal with criminal activity.



We provide a comprehensive crime and security consultancy service based on a proven track record. Our specialties include:



  • Crime prevention through environmental design
  • Community safety consultation & interventions
  • Crime auditing
  • Cutting edge research into all aspects of urban related crime and disorder
  • Management decision/risk assessment tools
  • Evaluation of criminal and security implications and impacts
  • Benchmarking, indices and performance indicator identification and provision
  • Strategy & policy implementation
  • Guidance on managing Terrorism & Extremists threats
  • Training



We offer a broad range of crime prevention skills for any project and deal with both quantitative and qualitative approaches:  


  • Interviewing ranging from open to structured interviews
  • Survey Designs
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Intervention work with targeted groups   
  • Project management
  • Risk Assessment & modelling
  • Mapping
  • Training delivery

We believe in listening to your problems and working with you to answer them!